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The Sunken Moon - Phantasm

Title: Phantasm (幻世)
Series: Key to the Sunken Moon (沉月之鑰)
Author: Shui Quan (水泉 - click here for the author's blog + novel previews)
Media type: Novel
Disclaimers: I don't own this series, but please don't distribute without asking me beforehand (e.g. copy/paste to journals, forums etc.). Just link directly to my journal. Also, please do NOT post on any pay-to-view websites. Only Shui Quan and publishers deserve to make any money from this. Thanks :)




Prologue - A new life

Translator's notes


It seems the official title would be "The Sunken Moon", based on the title of the Thai release of this novel: http://blog.yam.com/suru8aup3/article/34354259

It certainly is less of a mouthful that "Key to the Sunken Moon".

Translator's ramble:
The Sunken Moon (沉月之鑰) is a Taiwanese series by Shui Quan (水泉). I probably won't translate very much of it, but I figured I'd at least spread a little love for this series.

Please note that the series setting is fairly Chinese, so I may leave some terms untranslated (though I have yet to resort to this). I'll do my best to convert everything into English.

Translator's notes are included here. The absolutely crucial notes will be incorporated in the text directly.



“Fan Tong, a bright, young lad of the new generation, has been cursed by a vixen, such that nine out of ten sentences that come out of his mouth are the opposite of what he means…”

“Go rewrite this.”

“Fan Tong, a genius fortune teller, was cursed by a woman who hated being called an ‘aunt’, and now nine out of ten sentences that come out of his mouth are the opposite of what he means…"

“Don’t you feel at all embarrassed when reading it yourself?”

“Fan Tong, a young man who died a mysterious death, was sucked into a strange world while still bearing the curse of his past life. How will he survive in this strange world where a person can live after dying after living after dying? Can he become a hero? Is it his destiny to save this world?”

“Don’t give me your flights of fancy.”

“Fan Tong… That’s enough! Why do I have to write a self-introduction! This kind of work has nothing to do with me!”


Fan Tong, your regular old Joe off the streets, never once dreamt that he would wake up in a strange world, or that he would be told that he was already dead.

In order to settle in this new world, not only does he have to learn everything about this place to reduce his own mortality rate, he also has to manage that cursed mouth of his that makes it nigh-impossible to say the right thing, so he can improve his relationships and make lots of new friends.

Although everything seems very unbelievable, the fact remains that what has happened has happened, so it’s best if he just resigned himself to his new lifestyle---

Fan Tong has decided to view everything optimistically, confront his afterlife bravely and impress his sincerity on his friends!


“My father said, a man must properly abuse his friends, so that they will weep in despair.”

“Can we stop being friends, Fan Tong?

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